Monday, October 3, 2016

Pauper Loon

Wow! The judges of an independent panel awarded my short story "Pauper Loon" first prize in the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere Writing Competition sponsored by the Rotary Club of Elgin.

The winners were announced at the Spirit of Moray Book Festival on the 13th of September

Check out my story (along with all the finalists') and you can learn more about Andrew Anderson, the Pauper Loon of the title. He became an honored son of Moray, and despite having traveled far away to better himself, he never could forget his boyhood spent in wild, misty, beautiful Scotland.

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

47 - 16: Coming Soon!

I never appreciated David Bowie enough. Since my childhood, he had always been there, unpredictable yet dependable: on the radio, in the most heavily-rotated MTV videos, at landmark events like Live Aid and The Concert for New York City. A commenter on a January 11 Nick Hornby Facebook post put it best in one simple sentence: "I thought he was immortal." When I saw the Washington Post headline with the years 1947 - 2016 glaring at the top of the webpage, I couldn't process the news. I still don't want to believe it.   

I guess we'll have to be content with the legend living on through music, film, and the written word, including 47-16, the first of two anthologies being released in the next few months. These great collections, compiled with love by an outstanding editor, feature prose and poems inspired by Bowie. All proceeds go to cancer research. I'm honored that my story "If You Say Run" is included in Volume I. 

While writing, I did a lot of research, re-watched old videos, and really listened to Bowie's music via headphones to capture as many details as I could about him. Because of this, I began to appreciate the man more and more. "All You Pretty Things" with him on the piano. Wow. "Starman" on Top of the Pops. He pointed to me-ee-ee from his stance at the mic. Awesome. "Blue Jean:" that little shoulder shimmy because they always let you down when you need 'em. Amazing (and kind of hot, to tell the truth).

Go back. Listen and watch. And as you get immersed in his incredible body of work, do yourself a favor: pick up a copy of this anthology. You'll appreciate him more than ever.

Hope you enjoy. I look forward to your feedback! And pay attention to the fantastic things you have in your life right now -- because they won't always be there.

                                                               (Cover courtesy of Charlie Cody Art)